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  Chappelle Washington Freer

Known as “Dr. Mommy” and “Pelle Pell” to many - I am a hustla, a strategist, a holistic educator by nature and a mother to my three-year-old daughter, Isla Rose - my biggest blessing. I believe that without God, I am nothing. I have dedicated my life to being free and balanced in all aspects from my mental wellbeing to my finances. I want to share this goal with the world - specifically, with the black and brown community. I have experienced a lot of trauma in life that I accept and heal - I move forward. Education has been my outlet in life. I obtained a B.S. in Management from Lincoln University (PA), and M.B.A in International Business from the American College of Dublin (Ireland). Through learning, I have discovered both who I am and an understanding of those around me. I was labeled "first generation" and “low income” but was always rich in my mind because

I was open to learn and I continue to do just that. Experiencing various cultures and the arts through travel and learning has given me a broad outlook on life. I have overcome domestic violence, depression, anxiety and several other obstacles in life but I am a survivor. I believe that we all have a survivor in us. We must acknowledge our trauma, get comfortable seeking support and be conscious about healing day to day. I believe that the world is royal and so are the people in it. My mission is to uplift the world in all ways from fashion to economics, image to education, optimal mental health to long term generational wealth.